4 Step Buyer’s Guide


Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a repeat buyer, the steps to buying a home can be complicated.  That is why Rochelle and Gayle are here to help. As experienced agents serving the Los Angeles area since 1998, Rochelle and Gayle pride themselves on making the home buying process as efficient, rewarding, and stress free as possible.  As you embark on this home buying venture, you will want a professional there to assist you and to take into consideration everything from mortgage rates, zoning restrictions, and off-market listings that are not available to the everyday buyer. It is essential that you have an agent on your side who understands your exact needs and who has an exceptional amount of knowledge of the industry.


Step 1: Preparing the Agent and the Buyer


To find the buyer their ideal home, each client will sit down with Rochelle and Gayle and go through a detailed checklist of pertinent information to hone in on what you are looking for in your perfect home. Rochelle and Gayle will carefully explain the process to buying a home to you and prepare you for what is to come. One of the first steps in preparing the buyer it so obtain a pre-approval letter from a direct mortgage lender. This will increase the probability that your offer on a home is a successful one. As an agent at Nourmand & Associates, Rochelle has an extensive network of mortgage lenders that can provide you with a quick pre-approval so no time is wasted in making an offer.


Step 2: Searching for Your Ideal Home


Searching for your ideal home should be a joint process between the buyer and agent. Rochelle and Gayle utilize the industry’s best practices to find buyers their ideal home. These practices include setting up automated emails from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so no new homes on the market go unseen. It also includes setting up each new client with his or her own login to the MLS so you can be up-to-date with everything the market has to offer. As an experienced and well-respected agent in the industry, Rochelle and Gayle have the know-how to find you the off-market listings, otherwise known as “pocket listings”, that are not advertised or available to the general public.  Additionally, Rochelle and Gayle work hard to find you the best homes that match your criteria and sifts through the hundreds of listings to make sure you are receiving only the best-matched homes for your search criteria.


Step 3: Submitting the Offer


Before submitting any offer, Rochelle and Gayle do a comprehensive background check on the home to make sure the price and terms are fair. As an agent submitting an offer in a competitive market place, it is important to stand out against the competition. This is done by not only submitting an appealing offer, but also by the way the offer is submitted. Rochelle and Gayle work with their clients to bring an emotional appeal with each offer by including a personal letter about the buyer explaining why the home is a perfect match for them. In addition, to assure the sellers she is bringing serious buyers, Rochelle and Gayle will ask for a verification of funds from all clients. If there is a loan involved, Rochelle and Gayle work with their clients to help get a prequalification letter. Most importantly, Rochelle and Gayle work tirelessly and fight to get their clients the best possible price with the fairest terms.


Step 4: The Escrow Process


The first step to ensure you are buying a quality home is to bring in licensed and certified inspectors to thoroughly examine the home. Through Rochelle and Gayle’s years of experience in the industry, they have worked with several inspectors to find the best and most qualified candidates to get the job done correctly and within the time constraints set forth in the contract. For buyers to better understand the process and keep them protected, Rochelle and Gayle along with a team of Nourmand & Associate team members review the loan documents, escrow instructions, disclosures, permit history, and inspections. Once the reports come back, Rochelle and Gayle work diligently to get the best possible credits or price reductions that are suitable to both the buyer and the seller so that you can successfully close on your new home!


If you have been thinking about purchasing a new home or investment property, now is a fantastic time to start looking.


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